From Mao’s Hometown to Golf’s Birthplace with Max Hartshorne

GoNomad’s Max Hartshorne joins Paul and Elizabeth to transport us all to the Middle Kingdom: China; and to the birthplace of golf: Scotland. Max takes us to China’s Hunan Province and its capital, Changsa, where Mao Tse Tung was born.

Max also takes us climbing along amazing glass walkways high in the mountains and to the Hunan Museum, where lies the 2,000-year-old tomb and mummy of Xin Zhui, wife of a local governor during the Han dynasty.

Next, we travel with Max to St. Andrews, Scotland, home of St. Andrews Links, where golf is said to have been played since the 15th century. GoNomad’s story reveals the St. Andrews beyond golf, including the town’s history, harbor, mild climate and great food. Join us for this fun adventure from East to West.