Places — Badrutt’s Palace Is The Legendary Hotel Of St. Moritz

Yves Gardiol, CEO of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St Moritz, Switzerland joins Paul and Elizabeth to talk about the latest programs is what is one of the world’s great hotels. Whether in Summer or Winter the hotel has hosted most of the world’s great since opening in 1896. Today the hotel maintains the highest standards of Swiss hotel keeping. Alfred Hitchcock was a guest for many years and one legend is that he received the inspiration for this fils The Birds as he watched a flock of crows from his balcony.

We found this piece when searching the hotel’s history: The Palace, as it is fondly known today, is a legend in St Moritz: its 150-year history began when Johannes Badrutt introduced winter sports to pioneering Victoria tourists with a bet; St Moritz has since hosted two Winter Olympics and become a favorite winter playground. Badrutt’s culinary excellence, high service levels and supreme comfort attract discerning guests from all over the world – and more than its fair share of celebrities. Hosting unique events such as the White Turf, Snow Polo and Cricket on Ice, have added to the hotel’s charisma. Summer is a perfect time for alpine hiking, watersports on pristine lakes, and romantic picnics à deux. Yet alongside the glamour and enchantment of The Palace, guests return for the genuine welcome they receive from the Badrutt’s staff, making their stay a little piece of paradise.