Margie Goldsmith Explores The Best Of Swiss Ski Resorts

Margie Goldsmith, the Snow Lover  and collector of cow bells, traveled via Swiss International Airlines on a travel pass on the Swiss Travel System which also includes  50% price reduction on most mountain railways and free admission to nearly 500 museums.

She stayed in Swiss Deluxe Hotels  and talked about on the air some of the best in Switzerland  including: The Carlton Hotel, St. Moritz, The Grand Hotel Kronenhof PontresinaThe Tschuggen Grand Hotel, ArosaThe Widder Hotel.  She dined at: Kulm Hotel, St. Moritz  and  The Arosa Kulm Hotel

Although she does express reservations about raclette and fondue we are confident the Swiss people will welcome her back at anytime. However they will protect their cowbells. There is more information at Switzerland.